Privacy Agreement

idolBrain by idolBrain Technology Co., Ltd. ("idolBrain", "") was founded, we understand the importance of privacy, so idolBrain is committed to protecting your privacy.

This privacy agreement contains our commitment to you when you visit our website, collect your personally identifiable information ("Personal Information", will be given below defined) are handled. This privacy agreement does not apply to information we have not mastered and we have not hired from our management staff.

Using our website, make sure that you have read, understood and accept the privacy agreement entry. Should you have not understood this Privacy Agreement or unacceptable place, immediately stop visit.

What we collect your information?

We collect your information in order to be able to provide you with personalized, attentive service. We may collect the following information for visitors.

You give us personal information:

To ensure that you can enjoy the service site, you need to provide us with certain personal information. Such personal information include, but are not limited to: (1) "contact information" such as your name, company name, address, and e-mail; (2) "demographic information", such as the zip code in your area, your Age. Every time we will ask you to voluntarily provide personal information; website will never collect your personal information without permission. Company may from public resources or third parties collect through lawful means at your additional personal information.

You have no obligation to provide personal information, you are entitled to refuse to provide, but if so, we are unable to provide you with web services.

Automatically Collected Information:

Whenever you visit our web site or to enjoy our services, we will receive and store certain information. Company automatically receive from your browser information and records information on our server logs on. This information includes: your IP address, cookie information, the page you requested,your testing and training data.

Under normal circumstances, our servers automatically collect usage information, such as visitors to our website and inside pages of the number and frequency, just as television viewership of television programs through rating. The company calls these data in aggregate form, that is, for statistical purposes, not for your personal or identification of any data analysis.

What's Cookies?

Like many websites, we use cookies and other standard web technology to collect information for our own use.

Cookies are a letter identifier count, we passed your browser will send it to your computer's hard drive, so that our systems to recognize your browser and that in this way the number of site visitors and through what channels when to visit our website.

Most browsers have a "close cookie" option, which is to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, but also allows you to choose whether to accept a variety of ways to send each new cookie. However, we strongly recommend that you activate the cookies function, because only by means of cookies, you can touch, use our site core, the most competitive content. Should you stick cookie functionality is turned off, then borne related losses.

How we use your personal information?

We use the information collected to identify your visit, and send you information and provide services.

If you choose to receive marketing information, we will contact you to fill out and send relevant information to develop to you.

We use this information to manage and improve our websites, games and training systems. We will forward your information may be used for statistical or research purposes. We may collaborate with outside researchers, during the use of your data. This is to measure and quantify the effectiveness of our training system. In our study, all the data in the form of a collection called, your personal information will be hidden. Under no circumstances does not expose your identity.

We may get through a third party some of your personal information in order to improve or merge your personal information on our website. This is to be better able to provide you with products and services.

Web site may contain some platforms, such as blog, forum, etc., in which you can upload, post, forward, display or transmission of certain content, information, and other personal information are also included. Through these platforms you choose any of the information published, once released, Serve the public information, we will lose control. Therefore, disclosure of information through these platforms caution when, after the release of all liability to you I assume.

Your personal information will be disclosed to a third party restrictions

As part of our overall business exists a complete part of the user's personal information will be lawful, reasonable protection. We will not disclose to unrelated third parties your personal information, to prevent it as a direct marketing approach. We only work with the following partners and partner institutions mentioned share your personal information. We cooperate with other companies and manpower to complete the task on behalf of us, so need to share your information with them to be able to provide you with products and services. Unless we specifically inform, assist these institutions in our business, there is no use in your own right to information.

Under the law we will disclose your personal information, such as the receipt of communications, courts and other legal institutions command, or in emergency situations, in order to protect the company, the legitimate interests of third parties or the interests of public safety and we also the related disclosures.

We reserve the right to sell, transfer or acquisition of all or part of our rights to the assets, these assets are included in the information you provide to us, as long as the acquisition, reorganization or sale of all or part of our assets, or associated with bankruptcy, we have the relevant rights. We will transfer your personal information, comply with the new privacy agreement notify you before. So while you use the Website, due to the above purposes we agree to share your personal information.

My personal information secure?

Our site uses reasonable security procedures and measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, modification, destruction and disclosure. For example, we use one or more SSL encryption, firewalls and automatically updated anti-virus software.


You do not need to log in to access most of the idolBrain content. However, should you need to use a personal website customized services, then we will follow the protocol described in this privacy handle your personal information.

More privacy policy

Children's Online Privacy Protection of Minors

idolBrain fully understand the protection of the privacy of minors, particularly in a network environment, the importance. Therefore, our policy does not allow knowingly collect, store, use or disclosure of any information from children under 16 years of age.

idolBrain suggestions: Any minors to participate in online activities should obtain prior parental or legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as "guardian") written consent. Network atlas will be in accordance with national laws and regulations related to the protection of minors related information.

Links to third party websites

Web site may contain links to third-party websites. These third-party sites do not belong to the company owned, are not subject to our control, therefore, our company does not use the information these sites charge. You need to own the privacy policies of these third-party websites (if any) for attention.

Changes to this privacy agreement on

This privacy agreement will as our business changes and increases constantly being modified. Make any changes, we will be notified and related links posted on our website home page. Therefore, every time you visit a website, please review the privacy agreement "last updated" date, and read the last time you visit any site different details change. These changes in the effective date (the day of entry into force of the day called the "Effective Date") from the back of the 10 naturally Japan remain valid. Unless the company obtained the express consent of your own, or any revised privacy policy only to information collected after the effective date, but not for previously collected information is invalid.

Related issues

Should you have any questions about this privacy agreement and comments, or anything about idolBrain problems and concerns, please send an email to [email protected] .

September 20, 2012 with effect from

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