Integrate your brain performance and your brain can be faster.

idolBrain brain development training games are aimed at the five cognitive areas: cognitive speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem-solving ability. The training in these areas can effectively improve various brain abilities from recalling things to paying attention to details, until processing information, so as to help you with more outstanding performance and more confidence in your work, life and study.

Cognitive speed is the most basic one among these functional areas. The faster you analyze the information, the faster your problem processing speed become. Meanwhile, your memory formation and adaptation speed of new environment are improved, too. Many users respond that their real-time response time has been effectively shortened and thinking speed has become faster through idolBrain training. Then, what is the role of brain development games? For example, the brain training games such as Speed Match and Dolphin Encyclopedia are aimed at developing your information processing ability which will bring unpredictable benefits for your real life.

The research on the human brain development by idolBrain has the same significant effect in improving your memory and attention. Flexibility and problem-solving ability, the last two cognitive domains, can be greatly improved through exercises, thus allowing you to better cope with new environment and new challenges.

When you conduct an integrated and comprehensive training in these five aspects, your abilities will get greatly improved, including execution ability, namely, the processing ability of the human brain development. These execution abilities include logistical planning (for example, calculate the arrival time of KFC takeaway just the same as the time of the last arrival friend when friends have a party); improvisation (guess everyone's favorite beverage); problem solving (calculate how much change the deliveryman need to give you quickly); impulse control (do not eat too much potato chips when you are waiting for the takeaway, resulting in the impossibility of eating the takeaway any more).