Wisdom Puzzle

Wisdom Puzzle


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Game Description and Help
Basic Operation & Game Help

Two kinds of puzzles, i.e., horizontal puzzle and vertical puzzle, will appear in the game. You need to make judgment according to the graph features in order to eliminate all the puzzles. Every time a level is unlocked, new graphs and features will appear.

Game Description

Wisdom Puzzle game trains your multitasking conversion ability which is a very practical ability. Today, people under the great pressure all had the experience of being badly battered by multiple emergencies simultaneously. How to make flexible conversion between various events, get down to them timely and quit them appropriately is what this game will train. It is believed that you will benefit a lot. Be a generalist! You can do it!

Games can bring you with

  • Multitasking ability
  • attention shift at any time
  • cognitive control ability