Hen Looks For Chicken

Hen Looks For Chicken


Another 800 bubbles are needed to unlock this game.

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Game Description and Help
Basic Operation & Game Help

Memorize the chicken thieves appearing in the farm, and direct the hen to the location of the chicken coop. If the hen encounters a chicken thief, a little health point will be lost. After the hen arrives at the chicken coop, you need to help the farmer find all the chicken thieves so as to earn credits. If the hen eats an insect, a little health point will be gained.

Game Description

Hen Looks For Chicken trains your working memory. Working memory is the equivalent of a flash memory card in your brain. All the information processing activities in your brain such as learning and reasoning need to rely on working memory to complete. You need to memorize the location where various roles have appeared in the game, and then depict an optimal path in your brain so as to look for chickens. When you need to develop a rigorous plan quickly in an emergency, your training today will help a lot.

Games can bring you with

  • Stronger learning and reasoning abilities
  • IQ and intelligence improvement
  • brain's independent information processing ability