Pinball Forecast

Pinball Forecast


Another 1200 bubbles are needed to unlock this game.

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Game Description and Help
Basic Operation & Game Help

1. Memorize the location of the bumpers;2. Forecast the reached location of pinball bounced by bumpers;3. Click to choose the reached end point of pinball.

Game Description

Pinball recall training is also a working memory training game. You need to memorize the location where barrier plates have appeared and their directions in the game, and then imitate the pinball path direction in your brain based on the specular reflection principle so as to accurately determine the location where the pinball will be bounced. No matter what you will do, such as conduct strategic deployment in motion or make impromptu speech in meetings, this game will help you with a flexible brain good at planning.

Games can bring you with

  • Learning and logical reasoning abilities
  • IQ and intellectual ability
  • brain's deployment ability