Memory Match

Memory Match


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Game Description and Help
Basic Operation & Game Help

Three graphs will appear on the screen. You need to compare whether the graph in the left card is the same as the one in the right card. All the graphs will move to the left as a whole, and new graphs will appear from the right. In the case of continuous correct answers, the graphs on the left will gradually hide and you need to memorize them.

Game Description

Memory Match trains your working memory. Working memory is the equivalent of a flash memory card in your brain. All the information processing activities in your brain such as learning and reasoning need to rely on working memory to complete. Different from Fast Match, this game requires you to memorize the graph appeared two times before, and compare it with the current graph in front of you to judge whether they are the same one. Perhaps, you have the difficulty in memorizing all the matters so that you usually remember this one while forgetting that one, which needs Memory Match to help you.

Games can bring you with

  • Better learning and logical abilities
  • higher IQ and fluid intelligence
  • brain's independent information processing ability