Island Treasure Hunt

Island Treasure Hunt

Cognitive Speed

Another 5000 bubbles are needed to unlock this game.

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Game Description and Help
Basic Operation & Game Help

Use the arrow keys to control your route, and find the treasure one step faster than your opponent. The vortex will spin during the game. You can use the anchor to help you locate the due north, and quickly judge the vessel driving directions the keys correspond to during the current navigation.

Game Description

This is a spatial orientation ability training game, which trains you ability of directional control in case of emergency as well as your sense of direction in strange environment. This game is not to be missed definitely for racing drivers and wilderness survival enthusiasts. For ordinary people, the unexpected events on expressway and a sense of confusion you have when you can not find destinations in a strange city are life killers right beside you. Come to train your ability of directional control. We hope you can be ensured of safe travel outside and safe arrival at home.

Games can bring you with

  • A good sense of direction
  • visual image identifying ability
  • map reading ability