Digital Lost

Digital Lost


Another 600 bubbles are needed to unlock this game.

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Game Description and Help
Basic Operation & Game Help

A set of numbers will appear on the windshield. Please memorize them. After the wipers pass by, some numbers will be washed off. Answer the numbers in the positions with a question mark correctly. You have three opportunities to make wrong answers, but impact punishment will exerted every time a wrong answer is made;the game is over after three impact marks appear!

Game Description

Digital Lost is a working memory training game. In the game, you need to memorize more and more numbers, training your sensitivity to the numbers and instant memory ability. This game can help you with a brain others envy very much to easily memorize either phone numbers or a lot of statement figures.

Games can bring you with

  • Learning and logical reasoning abilities
  • IQ and intellectual ability
  • digital memory ability