Enrich your creativity and reignite your brain.

Creativity is the most difficult to define. A lot of people define it as a kind of thinking spark, a kind of energy that can bring fresh vitality into this world. From the traditional point of view, it is this creative energy that gives birth to art, humor and even scientific discovery.

However, cognitive psychology has a new interpretation for creativity. Like many researchers, idolBrain defines creativity as the ability to solve new problems in aspects such as art, science or reality. This ability to solve creative problems in turn requires flexible thinking. If we want to create a new thing, we must look at the existing things from another perspective.

idolBrain designs a series of brain exercises aiming at fluid intelligence which is a kind of cognitive ability to perceive subtle relationship in case of no previous instructions. In other words, you make use of fluid intelligence to perceive implicit factors in the world around you, and solve new problems through these perceived non-dominant factors.

In order to find the solutions to these innovative problems, our fluid intelligence need to accommodate a huge amount of information. At this time, our working memory is put forward to assist fluid intelligence.

Working memory is the brain's “working space”. Intelligence helps us handle and manipulate a lot of information data. The larger the working space is, the more the tasks the brain can process simultaneously. Therefore, working memory has become the key to multi-tasking and information processing.

We use working memory to store multiple concepts. It seems that these concepts are isolated and unrelated from each other. Working memory can be seen as a melting pot of new ideas as it is the “space” where the fluid intelligence operates.

The brain development research experiment shows that idolBrain training programs can improve working memory and fluid intelligence, even extending to the ability that the brain solves new problems creatively.

How can we get smarter on earth? Intelligence is not changeless. As long as you would like to spend time and know how to learn, the secret of getting smarter is not far away from you. Now, please join idolBrain immediately to ignite your creativity! Love idolBrain, love life!