Early childhood intellectual development

Children's improvement in their working memory, IQ and attention concentration can make them obtain a better academic performance. The improvement in these core intelligence abilities determines a person's academic achievement, test score, attention concentration in class and focus and learning enthusiasm.

Early childhood intellectual development predicts academic achievement.

Neuroscientists and psychologists once believed that children's growth and learning processes were related to their genetic make-up. But now they have to admit that children's nurture also plays an important role in their intellectual development. As children's brains are vulnerable to the impact of external stimulation, each child can benefit from the brain potential training project to get the development of core brain functions (working memory, IQ, attention and flexibility). Many studies have linked children's working memory and attention concentration with their academic performance. A lot of evidence proves that people's working memory are closely related to their literacy and numerical ability. Recent studies have pointed out that a person's academic achievement can be predicted through working memory other than IQ.

Fun scientific games make children fall in love with brain training

idolBrains turns scientific experiments into games so as to balance learning and entertainment. The fun training makes children no longer feel boring and disgusted and even take the initiative to join idolBrain willingly, which can be called an effective and entertaining supplement tutorial to the traditional exam-oriented teaching means. idolBrain training can adjust the level of training difficulty automatically along with the trainer's ability improvement, so that children can obtain perfect attention, memory as well as other core cognitive abilities, thus making them learn with ease and stand out in today's increasingly competitive school environment.

Good news for children with ADHD and other learning disabilities

Brain training is especially important for children who have learning disabilities. Working memory impairment and attention deficit disorder are the most common learning disabilities. Children with working memory impairment may find it difficult to memorize the instructions or complete the task, thus generating a deadly effect on their learning ability and class performance. A study has been conducted towards 3,000 primary school students who have working memory impairment, which has found that their reading and math scores are lower than the normal level. Patients with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD and developmental coordination disorder have the above performance. Our brain will be changed because of appropriate stimulation. idolBrain fun brain training is to train the brain's five major cognitive abilities (memory, attention, flexibility, cognitive speed and problem-solving ability). As an attention booster and memory training tool, idolBrain can provide you with the help to solve the learning disabilities for children, thus improve working memory and attention concentration progressively and dramatically within a few weeks.