Strengthen your brain to make you become smarter and smarter

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The human brain function begins to decline at the age of 30, which is not irreversible.

In the past few decades, the researchers have found the brain can be self-reorganized radically in the face of new challenges. This kind of reorganization can happen in any ages. It is proven that the brain can achieve self-reorganization to improve working efficiency as long as it receives the right training. The ability that scientists call “neural plasticity” has profound impact on the study of this aspect.

Simply speaking, neural plasticity refers to that the human brain can make self-adjustment according to the environmental stimulation. Take a study on taxi drivers in London as an example. According to the BBC report, scientists at the University College London observed the brains of taxi drivers and found that they had a larger hippocampus than ordinary people - hippocampus was closely related to the navigation ability of birds and other animals. The research showed that the the brains of taxi drivers had gradually changed due to the impact of their work over many years, as they memorized the London various streets and paths in their brains so that a lot of information was gradually integrated into “knowledge”.

Neuroscientists and researchers are looking for and developing a new approach to stimulating the nervous system for neural plasticity, thereby protecting brain health and improving brain working ability. However, a neuroscience graduate student at Stanford said, “the goal of the academic circle is to publish papers rather than to introduce the laboratory stuff to the outside world so as to benefit the public.”

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