idolBrain, the first Chinese professional brain development training website.

  • idolBrain, the first Chinese professional brain development training website.

  • We believe that science can change brain, thus changing life. We will not be reconciled that our brain only stays in the “developed” intellectual level. Instead, we want to explore more than 98% "undeveloped" space of our brain. As a result, we work together to develop the first Chinese online brain development training course.

  • idolBrain selects "neural plasticity", the latest research achievement of the neuroscience field, as a development basis to design a novel game training model for brain development, making it interesting, challenging and fresh while ensuring its effectiveness. We sincerely hope that users will have fun playing these games instead of feeling boring or difficult and get naturally improved in happiness.

  • We are convinced that the distinction between human beings and other animals lies in the human's complex and sophisticated brain structure; we are also convinced that the result of applying Darwin's theory of evolution to modern society is that the human brain will become the final place for the knockout match of the survival of the fittest; we are more convinced that idolBrain can enhance your social competitiveness and make your life better!

  • We have a dream that students can get rid of burning the midnight oil to study for a test, workers can have amazing working efficiency to get rid of the suffering of working overtime and staying up late for some project after idolBrain training. If the elderly can use computer, we also would like to help them slow down their Alzheimer's disease.

  • Love idolBrain, Love Life!