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Are you a student who want to learn more easily, a programmer who want to master the technology more quickly, a parent who wants children to concentrate their attention?idolBrain can help solve all of the above problems. What are waiting for? Let's get started!

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Smarter Brain

If we want figure out why the possibility of improving intelligence exists, a very important point we need to do is to figure out the process of focusing attention and analyzing information. The needs of brain processing are also reduced by enhancing attention concentration and working memory ability.

Superior Memory

Many brain cognitive processes can form long-term and effective memory only in the case of brain's normal operation. Among all the cognitive processes, working memory is the most important one, which is a function we have to use to process new information.

Perfect Attention

No matter what the challenge is, such as choosing appropriate words for a speech, or driving a car in a chaotic traffic environment, you are faced with the same challenge that is how to allocate your limited attention rationally into the infinite potential target tasks.

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